Our Training Services

Beyond the Dog’s Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and professional trainers are capable of training dogs, cats, birds, parrots, and beyond.

Kansas City Puppy and Dog Training

Dog Training

For almost 15 years, Beyond the Dog has provided dog owners with customized training. Each of our dog training programs are designed by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. You will find that we have a range of training packages to fit every need . Each program is carried out by our professional and certified dog trainers.

All of Beyond the Dog’s trainers have a Bachelor’s degree in an animal-related field and extensive training so you can feel confident about trusting your dog with them. Our dog trainers work closely with you and your dog and provide you the knowledge and skills to continue your dog’s training long after the program is over. If you are interested in what Beyond the Dog can do for your dog, then view our dog training programs. You can see all six listed below, along with some additional details about each.

All-Inclusive Dog Training

This program is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive programs available at Beyond the Dog. It produces rock solid obedience and treats severe problem behaviors such as aggression or resource guarding. This program meets five times a week for four weeks. Each session is an hour-long.

Board and Train

The Board and Train program is an excellent option for those who live outside of the Greater Austin area. Your dog stays in the home of a trainer during the course of this program. Trainers will work with the dog for up to two hours each day. The board and train program lasts for at least three weeks, but the length will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Executive Dog Training

An executive dog training program is recommended for minor problem behaviors or if you only need help with a few obedience commands.This program meets three times a week for three weeks. Each session is an hour-long.

Private In-Home Dog Training

Private in-home dog training is a good option for you if you are a new puppy owner or if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. These sessions are designed to help you get off on the right foot with behaviors such as housebreaking, chewing and play biting, as well as starting a treatment plan for separation anxiety.

Maintenance Program

If you have completed one of our intensive training programs, you may want to further or maintain your dog’s training. In that case, Beyond the Dog offers the maintenance program. This program is designed to help your fade your dog’s rewards, improve off-leash obedience, and obtain higher-level obedience goals set by you. You can expect the trainer to meet with your dog one to two times a week, but it will vary depending on your specific needs.

Video Chat Dog Training

If you live outside of the Greater Austin area, Beyond the Dog has a video chat option! The video chat is best for specific problem behaviors including separation anxiety or housebreaking.  A trainer will meet with you over a video call and provide a training protocol for your dog’s behaviors. Subsequent sessions will involve the trainer’s observation, addressing questions, and evaluating progress.


Kansas City Kitten and Cat Training

Cat Training

Beyond the Dog has happily offered cat training as long as our dog training programs. Since 2005, we have worked to perfect our programs so you can feel comfortable about your cat’s training. Cats behavior can be quite similar to that of dogs. They can display aggression, inappropriate scratching, separation anxiety and more. Beyond the Dog has designed three different training programs for you and your cat. Each program was developed by our highly-experienced Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.

Beyond the dog offers three different cat training options. Each of these programs is designed to fit your cat’s needs and help you better understand and treat their problem behaviors!

Executive Cat Training

The most intensive cat training program available is our executive cat training. This program is ideal to treat problem behaviors such as aggression, clawing, and biting. One of our professional trainers will come to your home to perform the training sessions. Executive cat training involves three sessions a week for two to three weeks. Each session is an hour-long.

Private In-Home Cat Training

The private in-home cat training can help you get started right when it comes to your new cat or kitten. One of our trainers will travel to you, so your cat feels as comfortable as possible during the program. Most clients enroll in two or three total sessions, but it varies with each case.

Video Chat Cat Training

Cat training can be challenging to locate in a smaller metropolitan or rural area. Beyond the Dog wants to provide you the option of using our services over a video call. Clients usually enroll in two or three sessions, with each one being a week or two apart. The trainer will provide a customized training protocol after the first session. The following sessions will involve the trainer answering questions, observing the cat, and evaluating progress.


Kansas City Small Pet Training - Ferrets, Rabbits, Bunnies, Birds

Other Pet Training

Cats and dogs are not the only pets Beyond the Dog trains. Our professional trainers and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist are capable of training all types of pets. From ferrets and rabbits to parrots and pigs, Beyond the Dog has three different training programs. Just like our cat and dog training programs, our pet training programs were created from the ground up. Most of the time, pets like these have very similar behaviors to those of cats and dogs. So, if your pet is displaying aggression, inappropriate chewing, inappropriate vocalization, or another problem behavior, then contact us today.

Executive Pet Training

The executive pet training program is the most intensive pet training program. This program is for more severe problem behaviors such as aggression. One of our professional trainers will visit your home to conduct the training program. They will meet with your pet one-on-one twice a week. The third day will involve you so you can learn the training techniques your pet has learned.

Private In-Home Pet Training

Private in-home pet training provides the comfort and convenience you need when it comes to training. Common behaviors treated in this program include chewing, scratching, biting, and vocalization. A trainer will come to your home to observe your pet. Then, they set up the training protocol for your pet’s specific behaviors. From there, you can continue the training methods to solidify your pet’s behaviors. The next sessions will involve your trainer observing your pet and addressing questions you may have.

Video Chat Pet Training

Finally, we offer video chat pet training if you live outside of the Greater Austin area. You may have a hard time finding a pet trainer outside of a large metropolitan area. Beyond the Dog will set up a training protocol for your pet and send it to you after the first video chat session. You are welcome to ask your trainer questions via email or phone at no additional cost. This program usually includes two or three sessions.


Pit Bull Training - Houston, TX Dog Trainers

Dog Training by Breed

Beyond the Dog recognizes that each dog breed is different from the last. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and traits that make them stand out. Our training programs are designed to compensate for your dog’s breed. Our trainers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to adjust the program as needed. Some dogs require a little more push or a different approach altogether. If your trainer notices your dog displaying a distinct characteristic that may be associated with their breed, then the trainer will adjust the program. Beyond the Dog is capable of training all breeds of dogs.

Beyond the Dog can train any dog breed. Below, you can find a few popular breeds our trainers can work with.


Austin dog training by breed

Support Animal Training

Finally, the last service Beyond the Dog offers is support animal training. The two roles we train in this classification of animal jobs are service dogs and emotional support animals. These two jobs are important for owners to live a more comfortable life. However, these two jobs are significantly different from what many might believe. Service dogs play a vital role in a person’s life. They are trained to help owners complete daily tasks they cannot complete on their own. When it comes to emotional support animals, these pets are certified in reducing symptoms of an individual’s emotional disability.

Beyond the Dog is capable of training support animals to help enhance the job they have been given. These two animal roles are extremely important and can always benefit from a greater obedience understanding. If you want to know more, then contact us today or visit the support animal training service page.