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Beyond the Dog of Austin is offering Lakeway TX dog obedience training to all dog owners in the area. Our expert, professional dog trainers can take care of your pet best. We do potty training, obedience training, address minor problem behaviors, and even treat aggression. Our founders have developed six training programs and more to accommodate all of you and your dog’s particular needs.

Lakeway TX Dog Obedience Training

Let us help you achieve the best obedience training for your pet today

The wellbeing of your dog is our top priority. Dr. Echterling-Savage is involved in the ongoing research in our field and incorporates it into our training. We use research-based positive reinforcement training methods that are the most up to date as you can get.

Your Dog Obedience Training Experts

When introducing Beyond the Dog, we have to emphasize our staff’s expertise and knowledge. Each of our trainers has a bachelor’s in either animal science or animal behavior. Plus, they all went on to become Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT. Many have gone even further in showing their dedication to this work and provide the best Lakeway TX dog obedience training.

Beyond the Dog of Austin’s Alexis Mitchell, for example, not only works with dogs but trains and rides horses as well. She earned her bachelor’s from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Conservation Biology and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Alexis has also titled in Conformation and Rally Obedience competitions with her two dogs as an American Kennel Club Handler. While she has experience working in both private and group settings, her favorite is working with dog owners and families.

Lakeway TX Dog Obedience Training

Our team is devoted to better dog training for everyone

Beyond the Dog’s CFO and one of our founders, Sean Savage, has his bachelor’s and CPDT-KA as well. He is most proud as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC). Sean splits his time as a personal trainer and training our staff among our different locations.

Last but not least, our other founder and CEO, Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage, earned her Ph.D. in Behavioral Analysis from the University of Kansas. She is a doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst or BCBA-D. Her proudest accomplishment is her CAAB, or Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, as one of less than fifty in the nation. Together with Sean, they live with their German Pointer, mixed-breed, two cats, and sculata tortoise.

Our Dog Obedience Training Programs

Even though we specialize in our puppy training, our trainers are experts in training all kinds of pets. They work with cats, parrots, ferrets, rabbits, and pot-bellied pigs. Any of these feline, furry, or feathered friends can sign up for our private in-home training, video chat consultations, or executive program.

Private In-Home Obedience Training

We highly recommend our private at-home lessons for new puppies that are starting their housebreaking routine. Our trainer will also handle other minor problem behaviors that come at this point, including play biting, chewing, storm phobia, and separation anxiety. But this can be good for old and new dogs alike. We can also cover a couple of basic obedience behaviors while we are at it.Lakeway TX Dog Obedience Training

We typically schedule two to three private lessons, a week or two apart each, all based on what your needs are. In your first lesson, you will hold a half-hour consultation with your personal trainer. The two of you will discuss the dog obedience training goals you have for your dog. From there, you will come up with an action plan, and your trainer will teach you how to implement it.

Because your trainer comes to your house, this program works great as Lakeway TX dog obedience training for those that live in the Austin area. Even though them coming to the comfort of your home might be convenient for you, there are greater benefits for your dog. For example, training in a space they are already familiar with reduces anxieties and distractions. Secondly, it helps to learn their behaviors in the same place they will be performing them. You can imagine how much easier this makes housetraining.

Video Chat Consultations

We wish to help everyone we can with our Lakeway TX dog obedience training, but we know we cannot make it out to everybody. For those outside our range of service, in Austin Texas or our sister locations, Houston TX and Kansas City MO, we designed our video chat training program. You can receive tips, tricks, advice, or help finding a starting off point through one-on-one conversations with our professionals.

Executive Program

Here, your dog works with us three days a week. Two of the days, they work alone with our trainer. Then, you join them to learn what they have worked on and how to continue it at home. In the executive training program, we learn more obedience behaviors and conquer more problem behaviors, such as low-level reactivity.

Advanced Dog Obedience Training

In our most advanced programs, we can treat severe problem behaviors, including aggression. If you have an aggressive animal in the house, you should treat it as an emergency.

However, these programs are not only for treating problem behaviors. We can also teach advanced training: high-level obedience behaviors.

Lakeway TX Dog Obedience Training

Our Austin team is eager and excited to help you

In our board and train program, your canine friend stays in the home of one of our personal trainers. With this time, your trainer can give them the individualized and consistent training they need to accomplish what you want. Typically, dogs stay with us for three weeks, but an aggressive dog should stay for four.

The all-inclusive package is our most popular and intensive dog training program. With this one, your dog works for five days a week. They spend four days with our trainer, and the last one, they spend with you. With all this time training, we can accomplish any of your training goals.

Lakeway TX Dog Obedience Training

The ultimate goal of Beyond the Dog of Austin’s training is to improve the relationship between dogs and dog owners and help you better communicate with your dog. Our professional dog trainers have the credentials that demonstrate their knowledge and expertise when it comes to pet training. If you see how our Lakeway TX dog obedience training can benefit you, contact us by calling (512) 962-9238 or email us at

Lakeway TX Fun Facts

  • The Lake Travis Community Library serves Lakeway. Before it was moved to its current location, the community library began in Lake Travis High School.
  • James Richard “Ricky” Thompson Jr, the murderer of John Goosey and Stacy Barnett, is native to our town.
  • We began as a 2700-acre ranch owned by a Houston rancher, Jack “Jake” Josey.
  • For more info on our township, visit