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Beyond the Dog is offering their service in dog obedience training 78734 area code. Our professional dog trainers are the top experts in their field. Their goal is to help you better communicate with your dog. Taking care of the relationship between dogs and dog owners is a passion for us. Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage designed a wide variety of training programs so that you can find one that fits your needs. We take care of both teaching obedience behaviors and treating problem behaviors.

Dog Obedience Training 78734

With our trainers, you’ll never have trouble with obedience again

Because we care about the well being of your canine, we stay up-to-date on the research in our field. Dr. Echterling-Savage remains involved and incorporates the current data into our training programs. Our positive reinforcement training methods are research-based and have your dog in mind.

Your Dog Obedience Training Experts

The most important aspect of Beyond the Dog of Austin is our team of dog trainers. Each of our dog trainers has a bachelor’s degree in animal science or animal behavior. They also went on to become Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT. Our trainers go above and beyond to make sure they have the expertise to provide you the best dog obedience training 78734.

For example, Beyond the Dog of Austin’s Alexis Mitchell not only trains dogs but works with and rides horses too. She earned her bachelor’s in Conservation Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Alexis is also an American Kennel Club Handler and has titled in Conformation and Rally Obedience competitions with her two dogs. She has had plenty of experience in private and group settings, but she loves working with dog owners and families the most.

Beyond the Dog’s other founder and CFO, Sean Savage has his bachelor’s and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer as well. Sean is also a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC). Sean divides his time between our different locations as a personal trainer and training the rest of our staff.

Dog Obedience Training 78734

Our other founder and CEO, Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage, earned her doctorate in Behavioral Analysis from the University of Kansas. She is a doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D). In addition, she is one of less than fifty Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (CAAB) in the nation. Together with Sean, she lives with their two cats, German Pointer, mixed-breed dog, and sculata tortoise.

Our Dog Obedience Training Programs

While we specialize in dog obedience training 78734, we train all kinds of pets. Our trainers have experience working with cats, parrots, ferrets, rabbits, and pot-bellied pigs. Any of your feline, furry, or feathered friends can enroll in their version of our private in-home training, video chat consultations, or our executive program.

Private In-Home Dog Training

For your new puppy who is getting ready for a housetraining routine, we highly recommend our in-home training. In this program, we treat minor problem behaviors like play biting, chewing, storm phobia, and separation anxiety. We also can cover a couple of basic obedience behaviors.

Dog Obedience Training 78734

We typically schedule two to three private lessons, depending on what you need. In your first training sessions, you will start with a half-hour consultation with your personal trainer. There, you will discuss the training goals you have and develop an action plan. Then, your trainer will show you how to put it into practice.

Your trainer coming to your home might be convenient for you, but it provides even more benefits for your dog. To start, we get to train them in a place they are already comfortable in, cutting down on distractions and anxiety. Secondly, they will learn in the same space they will perform them. You can probably picture how this would help with something like housebreaking. Our private lessons make for the ideal dog obedience training 78734.

Video Chat Consultations

For those that live outside our range of service, either in the Austin area or Houston TX or Kansas City MO, then we have our video chat training program. We wish we could help everyone that needs dog obedience training. So for those too far away, we took advantage of technology. We can provide tips, tricks, advice, or just a starting off point through one-on-one conversations with our professional dog trainers.

Executive Program

For more extensive training, we have our executive program. With this program, your dog works with us three days a week. In the first two days, your personal trainer will work with them alone. And on the last day, you join them to learn what they have worked on and how to continue it at home. We can teach more obedience behaviors and treat more minor problem behaviors, like low-level reactivity, in this program.

Board and Train

Our more advanced programs allow us to accomplish a lot more. Often, we treat severe problem behavior, even aggression. If you have an aggressive animal, you should try to get them to help right away. However, these programs are not only for treating problem behaviors. We also teach high-level obedience.

Dog Obedience Training 78734

Our trainers focus on every behavior issue you need us to

Through our board and train program, your dog spends an extended stay with one of our personal trainers. This way, they receive the time and consistent training it takes to teach high-level behaviors or help with severe problems.

All-Inclusive Package

Our all-inclusive package is our most popular and intensive package. In this one, your dog works with our trainer for five days a week. Four of those days, they spend working with our trainer. The last day, you learn what they have worked on. With this intense program, we are confident we can accomplish whatever your dog training goals are.


For dogs that have graduated from one of our advanced training programs, they can continue their doggie education with us. Our maintenance training allows us to continue along with whatever they left off from or any new skills you want to work on.

Dog Obedience Training 78734

If you think you could benefit from our dog obedience training 78734 zip code services, then contact us by calling us at (512) 962-9238 or email us at

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