Aggression and Reactivity

By the time I found Kristyn at Beyond the Dog I was a wreck. I had no confidence as the owner of a 5 year old Border Collie, Bailey. After moving from a house with a big yard to an apartment, Bailey was unsettled and getting progressively more anxious. Her fear made her unpredictablly aggressive so our trips to the dog park and the ball field were happening less and less. Bad news for a Border Collie. Bailey was afraid of people and in an apartment, there are lots of people. I tried another local trainer and after going through the program was told that Bailey was fine with them, it was me. They gave me a shock collar and told me to act like an owner which meant zapping her. Bailey got more nervous and more aggressive and I found myself feeling like a bad owner because I couldn’t bring myslef to shock her. Luckily my vet told me about Beyond the Dog. During the home visit, Kristyn listened carefully and then showed me how to use treats to make Bailey more confortable. In a few days there was marked improvement. At the second visit I learned how to stop her from barking at random noises. The change in Bailey is transformational. Now we look forward to our walks. She sits by the window watching the people outside without going crazy. More importantly, I enjoy my time with Bailey instead of dreading it. I cannot wait to learn the next technique.

-Rebecca Hemmer