Beyond The Dog Videos

Keep Your Dog from Chewing Inappropriate Items

If your dog has the habit of chewing items other than their toys, then this video can help. Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage demonstrates how she trained a Presa Canario to chew on his toys instead of furniture. The best first step is to show your dog the appropriate toy play.

Train Your Dog to Stay

“Stay” is an important obedience behavior for dogs. If your pup is struggling with “stay,” check out this video. We’ll show you how easy it can be to implement this skill with your dog. Watch our training technique work in real-time as Dr. Echterling-Savage teaches Chester to “stay.”

Teach Your Dog to Come by Saying Their Name

Teaching your dog their name is one of the most fundamental and important steps in training. It builds the foundation for further training. In this video, Sean Savage demonstrates how to teach your dog their name in a few easy steps.

Train Your Dog to Sit

“Sit” is one of the most basic commands owners can teach their dogs. The “sit” command sets the groundwork for more advanced behaviors such as “stay.” Watch Sean Savage demonstrate how to train a puppy or dog how to sit on cue.

Prepare Your Dog for Visits to the Vet or Groomer

Pets require regular veterinarian visits in order to stay healthy. In addition, many dogs go to a groomer on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, most dogs do not enjoy going to the vet or being groomed. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to make this easier. Watch as Sean Savage helps prepare a pup for vet and grooming experiences.